Wood Sticker Labels Give a Custom and Eco Friendly Alternative to Beer Labels-Chicago, Illinois

Wood Sticker Labels Give a Custom and Eco Friendly Alternative for Barrel Aged Beers

Empirical Brewery located in Chicago, Illinois test new recipes on a custom 1-barrel pilot system on a regular basis. While exploring new styles, or refining previously created recipes, their taproom is their laboratory. We were very excited to work on custom Wood Sticker labels for their KOVAL Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Stout release, giving a unique addition to this brew! If you are in the Chi make sure to stop by and grab one of these limited release small batch beauties! 

Empirical Brewery- 1801 W. Foster Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Eco Friendly, Sustainable, and Biodegradable 

Our Wood Stickers are a premium take on the classic. Made from real cherry and maple wood, Dust City Wood Stickers leave a lasting impression. Vinyl stickers and labels are not only toxic to produce but they also release toxins when they begin to break down. When a vinyl sticker that is outdoors breaks down it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic that will be around forever...let that sink in! Wood Stickers and labels are completely biodegradable, as the sticker starts to break down it decomposes and essentially becomes mulch. 

Custom Wood Stickers made in Denver, Colorado

Do you have a great idea for a design? Here at Dust City, we make a TON of custom designs for individuals and businesses. Do you have a creative use for a Wood Sticker like these barrel aged bottle labels? Let us know! We would love to see that idea come to fruition. 

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