Thirsty Fest: Bringing Beer to the People!

What is Thirsty Fest?

Thirsty Fest is an annual beer festival that defines partying with a purpose. With all proceeds benefitting Water for People,  Thirsty Fest is entirely volunteer-led and run helping provide the world with safe, accessible water. The Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association is another partner dedicated to helping provide clean water. Since the fest's inception last year, they have raised over $16,000 to not only provide drinking water, but to ensure it's clean, high-quality and obtainable to everyone.

Water For People

Water for People is an organization established in 1991 that exists solely to provide water to the world, a basic necessity that should be available to everyone, but isn't. Working in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi and India, Water for People spans across 32 districts and have reached over 3 million people.    

Thirsty Fest is a proud partner of this incredible organization. Their motto 'everyone forever' shows that Water for People is doing their part to truly change the world and won't stop until everyone in every corner has been helped.


Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

While providing the world with water is important work, educating the people on what the problem truly is is just as important. That's where the RMWEA comes into play. Founded in 1936, the RMWEA strives to foster an environment of learning, networking, and enjoyment surrounding water treatment and purification. 

They strive to 'elevate water professionals' making them an ideal partner for Water for People and Thirsty Fest. So make sure you stop by, you can help bring water to the people while having a couple beers and loads of fun in the process!

At Thirsty Fest, you can expect delicious craft beer from local breweries, live music, and incredible food! Thirsty Fest is this Saturday, June 8th starting at 6 p.m.

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