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SoulMuch Cookies

SOULMUCH is an innovative company dedicated to upcycling unused food instead of letting it go to waste. Read below for more information on their brand and why we love getting to work with them. 

How they started

"We started because we were two waitresses working in the restaurant industry frustrated seeing perfectly untouched food being thrown away each night and we wondered why no one was stopping it from happening. We realized if not us, then who. And SOULMUCH was born!" -- Founders Reyanne Mustafa and Kristian Krugman

15,000 lbs of food rescued

"We are driven with the goal to leave the planet a little better than we found it. We strive to ensure that our cookies are made up of at least 50% upcycled grains gathered from our restaurant partners while sourcing the rest of our ingredients in the most environmentally friendly way."

CONSCIOUS Consumerism 

"We truly believe in the planet over profit and will stay steadfast in our ideals to better this earth. We will continue to seek the most sustainable options for packaging, we will make it our promise to purchase from the most responsible sources, and continue to inspire our customers through best practices."

want to learn more or try these tasty cookies? click on the link below!

Laura LoDico 

All information and pictures gathered from Soul Much and Soul Much on Instagram

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