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Wildlife Conservation Meets Wood Stickers

Savage Hart is dedicated to the protection and conservation of all wild animals and their natural environment, and now they offer Wood Stickers! We were so excited to partner with this incredible non-profit, and we hope you get a chance to check them out.


Savage Hart believes that all animals deserve a second chance to be wild and free. Many wild animals are often orphaned and/or injured as a result of human-wildlife conflict. Savage Hart, directly and indirectly, provides humane, quality care and rehabilitation to native wild animals in need. Their goal is to ease any pain and suffering and return the healthy animal to their natural environment.


They assist and educate the community and surrounding areas when they find orphaned and/or injured wild animals. Savage Hart helps transport injured, orphaned, or sick wildlife to licensed rehabilitators who release them back into their natural habitat when they are able to survive on their own. Their goal for each rescue is to educate the public about responsible stewardship for native wildlife and their habitat. Savage Hart supports wildlife rehabilitation efforts domestically in the United States and internationally.


Savage Hart supports saving wild animals around the globe. This initiative raises awareness for international wildlife rehabilitation and human-wildlife conflict solution efforts. Their support includes assisting in operations, providing specific skills and resources, and supply vital equipment and funds. This is achieved through collaborations with domestic and global organizations that focus on wildlife welfare and the people that protect them.


  • Some of the organization’s perspectives on conservation subjects are as follows:
  • Savage Hart DOES support wildlife rehabilitation to conserve and protect native species. If an animal is orphaned and/or injured due to human error, it is our responsibility to rehabilitate and return that animal to their natural environment.
  • Savage Hart does NOT support the exploitation of wild animals, which includes but is not limited to: entertainment, cub petting, photo sessions, and physical contact with captive wild animals (unless part of a licensed rehab program)
  • Savage Hart does NOT support captive breeding unless part of the SSP (Species Survival Plan). Wild animals breed very well in their natural environment to sustain populations.
  • Savage Hart does NOT support the possession of any wild animals as pets.


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