Custom Wood Stickers Add a Naturalistic Flare to the Bearizona Gift Shop- Williams, Arizona

Custom Wood Stickers Add a Naturalistic Flare to the Bearizona Gift Shop- Williams, Arizona

Conveniently located in the heart of Northern Arizona, and nestled amongst the beautiful Kaibab National Forest, you will find the Bearizona oasis. Bearizona is approximately 160 acres and visitors will drive through more than three miles of Ponderosa Pine Forest viewing North American animals in their natural habitats when they visit!

Bearizona practices what they like to call being “sensibly green”. Throughout their park they try to make lasting impact in ways that matter in terms of the following:

  • Rainwater Collection: Water is collected in retention ponds throughout the park for irrigation.
  • Recycled Over 200 tons of scrap metal and steel: This waste material is used to form the foundation of our waterfalls and man-made rock sculptures.
  • Home for Orphaned or Confiscated Wildlife: Over half of the animals that call Bearizona home are rescued or rehabilitated animals. Once here, they will spend the remainder of their lives in large naturalistic enclosures; digging, climbing, swimming and playing with one another. Because of our size, we will be able to accommodate more animals in the future as we grow.

Eco Friendly, Sustainable, and Biodegradable 

Our Wood Stickers are a premium take on the classic. They are a natural product made from locally sourced, FSC certified, real cherry and maple wood veneer. Dust City Wood Stickers leave a lasting impression. Vinyl stickers and labels are not only toxic to produce but they also release toxins when they begin to break down. When a vinyl sticker that is outdoors breaks down it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic that will be around forever...let that sink in! Wood Stickers and labels are completely biodegradable, as the sticker starts to break down it decomposes and essentially becomes mulch. Even our packaging is eco friendly! Our hang tags are made from recycled paper and we use compostable cellulose bags to hold the wood stickers. 

Custom Wood Stickers made in Denver, Colorado

Do you have a great idea for a design? Here at Dust City, we make a TON of custom designs for individuals and businesses. Do you have a creative use for a Wood Sticker? Let us know! We would love to see that idea come to fruition. 

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