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Meet the Kühnels

Jessica and Dennis Kühnel moved to the United States from the state of Bavaria in Germany. "It was like winning the lottery for us -- literally. Among thousands of applicants, in 2012 our family was chosen in the U.S. "Green Card Lottery". With only what our suitcases could hold, we moved with our two young daughters and endless possibilities to Greenville, South Carolina."

The couple explains that they cook and bake together, and they rarely miss a homemade dinner. Thus, they created Slidekickz and Counterfloat; two products that will bring a little Kühnel love into your kitchen. The products are German engineered, but American made, they offer the guarantee that their products are 100% sourced and made in the USA. 

We respect one another. We care about good people, good relationships, great food and the environment.


These are quality kickz to match quality mixers, and they won't crack under pressure. Snapping effortlessly onto the feet of your KitchenAid stand mixer, they allow for you to slide your mixer into the perfect position with ease. They work on any smooth countertop, and are machined from durable 6061 aluminum. 

The packaging is made out of recycled paper, scrap wood and burlap, that's it! All of the materials are recyclable and do no harm to our environment. They are incredibly proud of this creation, and it helps them and you reduce the environmental impact of this product to a bare minimum.


Move heavy, small kitchen appliances effortlessly, and, of course, in style. Simple yet elegant, Counter Float appears to be hovering over your countertop - elevating any appliance you decide to put on it. Pass on the heavy lifting and focus on what really matters: baking, cooking or brewing. 

The Kühnels don't hide the fact that they use plywood: 20 ply 1" in thickness, and structurally sound. They embrace the material, and allow the angled cuts to expose the "sexy edges", and integrate three handles seamlessly. Large, strong felt pads on the bottom will let you move appliances up to 60 lbs with ease, while additional felt on the backside will protect your Counter Float when "parking" it against a wall or tiles.

They have the full start-to-finish creation process on their website!

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