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I enjoy my time as a freelance and free style wildlife, fantasy, psychedelic artist. Mediums I love to play with include water color and acrylic paint, inks and pencils, and utilizing recycled matter and found objects like natural materials. Theatrical costumes and wearable art are a favorite craft of mine, as well as mural painting. I love to bring community together by creating an atmosphere for artists of all forms to co-create and inspire one another. Being a creative mentor has opened portals into new worlds, beautiful connections of spirit, and a flow of learning and teaching that fills the air with inspiration. With my artwork, my vision is to help and support animals by supporting habitat preservation, animal rights awareness, and species preservation. We have so much to learn from the creatures of earth. I speak for the animals whose voices need to be heard, honor the plant spirits and the earth mother who calls for the healing gifts that we all have to share.

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