Hike more, worry less!

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Hike more, worry less. Sounds ideal but let's be realistic, no one can just put off their life and go for a mountain adventure whenever they want. Instead, keep this sticker close during those times where you're trapped and need a sweet reminded of the trails.

Product Info: Click here to learn all about Wood Stickers™ – how they’re made, what you can use them for, and more!

Each design comes in two wood types: maple has a lighter, blonde look and cherry is a deep, rich red color.

Shipping Info: We ship all packages by US Postal Service First Class Mail.  Your Wood Stickers™ will arrive in three to five business days.  If you simply cannot wait that long to up your sticker game (don’t worry – we get it) just contact us and we’ll get you hooked up with expedited shipping.

The flat rate for shipping is $5 for one or two stickers and FREE if you order three or more!