Rather Be Hunting Deer Badge

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We know you. You sit in your office cubicle all day, just waiting for that crisp fall air to hit. Once it does, you're out there with your rifle looking for dinner. Keep this as a reminder of your true love.

Product Info: Click here to learn all about Wood Stickers™ – how they’re made, what you can use them for, and more!

Each design comes in two wood types: maple has a lighter, blonde look and cherry is a deep, rich red color.

Shipping Info: We ship all packages by US Postal Service First Class Mail.  Your Wood Stickers™ will ship in three to five business days.  If you simply cannot wait that long to up your sticker game (don’t worry – we get it) just contact us and we’ll get you hooked up with expedited shipping.

The flat rate for shipping is $5 for one or two stickers and FREE if you order three or more!