Pattern Face – $6

This design creates an interesting juxtaposition between the geometric pattern of the mandala and the organic shapes of the face. This sticker will fit perfectly on the back of your phone! Submitted by Evan Lorenzen.

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Click here to learn all about Wood Stickers™ – how they’re made, what you can use them for, and more!

Each design comes in two wood types: maple has a lighter, blonde look and cherry is a deep, rich red color.

Shipping Details

We ship all packages by US Postal Service First Class Mail.  Your Wood Stickers™ will arrive in three to five business days.  If you simply cannot wait that long to up your sticker game (don’t worry – we get it) just contact us and we’ll get you hooked up with expedited shipping.

The flat rate for shipping is $5 for one or two stickers and FREE if you order three or more!

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Wes Yelvington

Wes is our good buddy from Dust City's sister company, Harmonic Media. Check out his Colorado inspired art - lots of texture and attitude!

Franki Zinke

Franki has a love for animals, as you'll see from her great sticker designs... and she's also an avid supporter of animal rights and habitat preservation - we salute you!

Evan Lorenzen

Evan's a Denver-based master illustrator, specializing in hand drawn miniature art.  He's got an intricate and clean style... and we're totally in love with the Pattern Face!

Araya Metzger

Another Colorado artist with worldly influences, Araya's designs are exquisite!  Her layered designs are created using a digital painting technique.

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