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Hey there Wood Sticker Sales Reps!  Thanks for promoting our brand out there in your territories – we love you!  Here you’ll find a ton of valuable information, policies, catalogs and downloadable documents to help you sell more wood stickers.

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This can include a variety of sticker designs.
WHOLESALE PRICING: $3.00 per sticker
Pricing breaks for orders over 1,000.
Minimum of 6 stickers per design.

MINI STICKER PRICING: $0.50 per sticker
60 Sticker minimum per design

$1.00 Per mini sticker
DISPLAYS: FREE with order to fill
View display options HERE
WOOD OPTION: Maple, Cherry, or 50/50
PHONE: 303.997.4961

We are happy to offer Net30 terms to clients who submit a credit reference sheet. If not, we ask that the client fills out a credit form so that their account can be charged upon shipment.
Custom art fee of $80
This fee does not apply to name drops, logos, or preexisting artwork provided by your client. We will always let you know if the design request requires a custom art fee.
We provide the option of UPC assignment and label application free of charge. Please specify if they would like a price listed on the label or if they would like the sticker SKU to be listed. THIS MUST BE REQUESTED.
We offer discounts for orders over 1,000 stickers, as well as high rent discounts. See the helpful resources below for pricing.

Last Updated: 1/18/19
SEASONAL Color Summer
Classic Summer
Color Winter
Classic Winter
ANIMALS Color Animals
Classic Animals
Color Zoo Animals
Classic Zoo Animals
SAYINGS Color Sayings
Classic Sayings
BEACH Color Beach
Classic Beach
Color Meta
Classic Meta
YOGA Classic Yoga
CASINO AND GAMBLING Color Casino Gambling
RELIGIOUS Color Religious
Young Life Color
Young Life Classic
Atomic Child
Amanda Weedmark
Nowhere Land
Zach Wiebe
MISC Top 30
Color Americana
Color Dinosaurs
Color Science
Color Marijuana
Classic Marijuana
Color Skulls
Classic Skulls
Classic Gamer & Geek
Classic Plants
Classic Transportation
Classic Western and Country
Color Western and Country
Color Misc


Color Yellowstone
Color Great Lakes
ALABAMA Classic Alabama
ALASKA Color Alaska
Classic Alaska
ARIZONA Color Arizona
Classic Arizona
CALIFORNIA Color California
Classic California
COLORADO Color Colorado
Classic Colorado
CONN. Classic Conn.
FLORIDA Classic Florida
GEORGIA Classic Georgia
IDAHO Classic Idaho
LOUISIANA Color Louisiana
Classic Louisiana
MAINE Classic Maine
MASS. Color Mass.
Classic Mass.
MINNESOTA Classic Minnesota
MISS. Classic Miss.
MONTANA Color Montana
Classic Montana
NEBRASK Classic Nebraska
NEW HAMPSHIRE Classic New Hampshire
NEW MEXICO Color New Mexico
Classic New Mexico
NEW YORK Classic New York
NORTH CAROLINA Color and Classic North Carolina
NORTH DAKOTA Classic North Dakota
OKLAHOMA Classic Oklahoma
OREGON Color Oregon
Classic Oregon
PENN. Classic Penn.
RHODE ISLAND Classic Rhode Island
SOUTH CAROLINA Color and Classic South Carolina
SOUTH DAKOTA Classic South Dakota
TENNESSEE Classic Tennessee
TEXAS Classic Texas
UTAH Color Utah
Classic Utah
VERMONT Classic Vermont
WASHINGTON Color Washington
Classic Washington
WYOMING Color Wyoming
Classic Wyoming



Sales Tips:

Made in USA

Each and every wood sticker is fabricated, packaged and shipped from our facility in Denver, Colorado. Even our wood veneer comes from domestic tree farms. The BCG Center for Consumer and Customer Insights conducted a study and found that Americans are willing to pay up to 60 percent more, on average, for U.S.-made products. “Made in USA” is prominently displayed on our packages and retail displays.


That’s right, even though they’re made from wood, Wood Stickers are far more sustainable than traditional vinyl stickers. First, all of our wood material is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to be sustainably grown and harvested. Second, the process of creating our products doesn’t create toxic waste like vinyl stickers do. And finally, wood is a natural material that will decompose rather than sitting in a landfill or turning into tiny bits of plastic in the ocean. But it doesn’t stop there. All of our packaging and shipping material is made from recycled material… even the cello bags are biodegradable!

Dishwasher Safe

Believe it! Even though our product has a natural wood look and feel, we’ve sprayed it with a clear coat that protects against moisture and UV rays. So not only is it top rack dishwasher safe, but it’s also good for outdoor applications like cars!

Point of Sale

Encourage your buyers to merchandise Wood Stickers at the point of sale. It’s a great impulse purchase under $10 while they’re waiting to check out. Extra points if the account puts one of their bonus stickers on the cash register (we ship extra “bonus” stickers with every order). The product does well anywhere on the floor, but it really shines near the cash wrap.

Bump Your Margins

Our suggested retail price for a Wood Sticker is $5.99, but easily half of our accounts charge $6.99 and we’ve never heard feedback that the product doesn’t move at that price point. In some cases they even sell well at $7.99! So be sure to let your buyers know that they can bump up their margins and make it a more profitable item.

Flexible AND Fast

We fabricate every order as it comes in. That means we’re able to have a lot of design flexibility for things like customs and name drops. But we also have short lead times just in case your buyer needs their wood stickers right away. Typically we fabricate, package and ship all as-ready orders under 1,000qty in under a week. So if they want to sneak in one more cool product before the high season, we can make it happen.

"It seems expensive..."

Yes, Wood Stickers are more expensive than vinyl stickers. It’s a premium product, which is reflected by the elegant presentation in the packaging. We have plenty of data proving this product will sell very well at the suggested retail price point. It’s also a Made in America product, which means higher labor costs… but also higher quality. Made in USA is prominently displayed on the packaging as well as the retail display, and it’s a proven sales booster. If you’re still not sure, just put in a minimum order for only $150 and test it out.

"We don't sell stickers..."

Great, well this is the perfect place to start then. The uniqueness of this product make it something that sells well beyond the normal sticker-buying market. It’s a more sophisticated version of the sticker. Adults love to adorn their phones, water bottles and laptops with this product. A Wood Sticker makes a great gift or souvenir to mark the experience.

"I'd rather do magnets..."

Dust City isn’t currently doing magnets, but they are considering it in the future. Complimentary products are coming soon, but for now they’re focusing on wood stickers. There are many wood magnet manufacturers, but there is only one wood sticker, so it’s a chance to introduce a brand new product category to your customers.

"Can I get custom sizing?"

Dust City standardizes the size of the sticker so that they can offer everything at the same $3 per unit cost. They do custom sizing from time to time, but here are a few reasons why you might want to start with a standard size:

1. It will always fit in the packaging AND it will fill the cello bag for a nice presentation.
2. If we have to ship them loose, there is a chance for breakage since the packaging protects the thin wood veneer.
3. If you want to go smaller, it will still probably end up near that $3 cost so it makes more sense to go with the standard size.

The actual dimensions of the sticker will vary based on the shape, but for example a circle shape will always be just under three inches in diameter. Dust City has exact dimensions for all of their wood sticker designs, so if you would like exact figures just let us know.

"I want custom packaging..."

Dust City reviews custom packaging requests on a case-by-case basis. If it’s a win for everyone, then custom packaging is not a problem. That said the cost to print small amounts of custom packages is very high, so unless you’re looking to order 1,000 or more it’s probably not going to be cost-effective. We suggest you try the stock packaging first with a minimum order of just 50 wood stickers and see how they do.

"I don't know if it will do well in my store..."

No problem, that’s why Dust City sets such a low minimum order. For just $150 you can “dip a toe” and see if your customers like the product. We realize that it’s a new item and people might even be aware that wood stickers exist. But we can tell you that once they are introduced to the concept, their eyes light up. It’s a unique conversation starter. Give them a try!

Order Entry Tips:

Required Account Information

Please be sure to include everything on this list for their first order so we can get them into our system.

  • Sales Rep Name
  • Account/Company Name
  • Buyer Name (first AND last)
  • Buyer Email (REQUIRED so we can send notifications, invoices and links to pay by credit card)
  • Account Phone Number
  • Account Billing/Shipping Addresses
  • Payment Terms (NET30 by default)
  • Preferred Payment Method
  • Any Special Notes (shipping directions, special requests, etc.)

IMPORTANT NOTE – if your account wants to pay by credit card, DO NOT send their sensitive financial information over to us! Just let us know, and we’ll send an email where they can pay securely online when we ship the order. If your account does not have an email address, unfortunately we cannot process a credit card transaction and they will have to mail a check.

Order Entry Do's and Don'ts

  • We do not have a fax machine (I know right??? Crazy 21st century millenials…) Please email all purchase orders.
  • If you’re writing orders by hand, please print legibly so we don’t have to call for clarification.
  • Please always include wood type preference (all cherry, all maple, or 50/50 split). If no preference is listed, we’ll ship a 50/50 split by default.
  • Remember to specify the requested ship date. “As Ready” is fine if they don’t have a preference.
  • Include the SKUs! We’ve got a massive design catalog, and not including the SKU creates a ton of work. Be sure to include "-R" for color, and "-I" for mini.
  • If a SKU has any special instructions or a name drop, please add the notes right next to or just below that line on the PO.
  • If a design is a custom request or we’re using the account’s artwork, please put “CUSTOM” where the SKU would go.
  • Lastly, please clearly state if they want a free “Tall” or “Short” displayto ship with the order.

Dust City Policies:

Commission Payouts

Commission checks are written at the beginning of each month on all payments received in the previous month. If you notice any discrepancy in the amount you’re expecting, please give us a call and we’ll take a look together.

Custom Designs

The topic of custom designs at Dust City Wood Stickers gets a little complicated so stay with us for a minute…

We always encourage you to sell from the stock design catalog wherever possible, as it just makes the order move through the system more smoothly. But since we fabricate everything to order, we are able to offer unique and sometimes exclusive designs. We know that’s a big selling point with retailers, so if they insist on “ordering off-menu” we’re happy to cook it up!

Rule of thumb: if our art department will have to spend a significant amount of time on the design, it will be subject to a custom art fee.

That said, we try to only charge the art fee when it’s absolutely necessary. Here are some situations where we would NOT charge a fee…

  • Name Drops on any of our stock designs
  • Adding a Name Drop to a stock design that doesn’t have a designated “Your Text Here” area
  • Converting any ready-to-use artwork (logos, t-shirt designs, etc.) into a wood sticker
  • Creating a design that you can sell to at least half of your accounts – we’ll just add it to your catalog

Now, here are some common design requests where an art fee would be charged…

  • A landmark or tourist attraction that is very specific to a particular location
  • Converting a photo of something to a wood sticker design
  • Making significant changes to an existing design – something like “that bear design is nice, but can you make it more friendly-looking?”

Here are the details on the art fee: it’s a flat $80 per design created OR we’ll waive the fee if you sell at least 100qty of that custom design. Since we don’t pay commissions on art fees, it’s in your best interest to close them on 100 or more.

Last thing… the sales rep is responsible for getting custom design requests over the finish line. We will take your notes and create a design. Then we’ll send you a digital design proof to present to your buyer. It’s up to you to get approval or collect any feedback, edits, adjustments, etc. In other words, the more complex the custom design order, the more you’ll have to work to close that sale. Please use your best judgement when a buyer suggests a custom.

As always, please contact us anytime with design questions – 303.997.4961

Submitting a Custom Design Request…

It’s in your best interest to be thorough when sending over a custom design request. If we have all the information we need from the get-go, it’ll save everyone a lot of back and forth. Here are some tips…

  • Send us a reference image if you have one. Our design team loves this. Does your buyer want a wood sticker design with Mt. Awesome on it? Great, jump on Google Image Search with them and find us a great reference to work from.
  • Clearly describe it on the PO – this is often all we have to work from so be descriptive.
  • Sketch it out! We don’t expect a fine art masterpiece… but if we get one from you we might steal you to come make more wood sticker designs for us.
  • Tell us if there’s another stock design that is similar to what the buyer would like. For example: “Like XX-XX123, but with a unicorn instead of a bunny”

If you’re submitting artwork to convert into a wood sticker, here are some art guidelines to help the process go smoothly…

  • Our preferred art format is a one color vector file (.ai, .eps, or a vectorized .pdf) This makes the conversion process very easy.
  • If a vector file isn’t available, please send us the highest resolution image (.jpg, .png or .gif) you can get your hands on. If it’s an image, we’ll have to trace the file so making sure it’s a high resolution is critical. We can’t work with a logo that’s 100 by 100 pixels.

Once you get a few under your belt, submitting custom requests will be a piece of cake. In the meantime, just send any questions our way.

Sales Literature and Samples

We want to make sure you have the tools to sell a whole lotta wood stickers! Please see the Resources section above for links to sales literature you can download and print.

We would prefer you didn’t give out catalogs to your accounts as it uses up a lot of paper. But, feel free to send them the digital versions if they would like to look through our stock designs. If you have a set of particular SKUs you would like to present to an account, just reach out and we can put them on a proof sheet for you!

We also want you to have plenty of samples to give out! You’re welcome to pick as many as four SKUs from the catalogs and we’ll fabricate sample products for you to give out on your sales calls. We do limit the amount of samples per rep to 100 per quarter. Again, we take a big loss on samples. It’s important to us to get wood stickers into as many hands as possible, but please only request as many as you need.

Delinquent Payments

We don’t pay commissions until we receive payment for the order. We’ll be sure to notify you of any accounts who are past due. Any account who is more than 60 days overdue will be placed on Prepay terms.