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The End?

The End?

The past seven years have been a WILD ride. Dust City Wood Sticker started as an idea to create a more eco-friendly sticker, and over the years has become a staple product for many customers and retailers alike. What began in a small office space with three people and a goal quickly grew into an eco-friendly sticker empire. Unfortunately, not everything was perfect and the past year has been especially tough. Following the craziness of 2020, 2021 has continued with the punches. With rising rental, lumber, and labor costs we have ultimately decided it is in our best interest to cease production of Wood Stickers for the time being.

Is this the end of the Wood Stickers? Simply put, no. While we personally will no longer be producing any new Wood Stickers, we do have a T O N of stickers in stock and ready to ship! With that, we would like to officially announce our FINAL INVENTORY SALE. Once these stickers are gone, they are GONE. Inventory per product will be listed on the product page so get your favs while they last! Oh, and to add to the fun, orders of 25 stickers or more will receive 50% OFF their entire order AND free shipping! 

So that’s it. Get your Wood Stickers before they become the next hot collectors item! Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to every single person who supported our company and believed in our product. You are the people who will ultimately make the change to move the world into a more eco-friendly space and we love you for that. 

P.S. Remember how we said this isn’t the end of Wood Stickers? Well, keep an eye as there are talks of the Wood Sticker mantle being passed on. ;)

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