Saipan adds Wood Stickers to island shops

Photo by Vincent Camacho

i love saipan wood stickers

Saipan, one of the largest islands of the Northern Mariana Islands and a commonwealth of the United Stated, now has Dust City Wood Stickers available! An island huge in tourism, visitors are guaranteed to be excited about the variety of designs available to remember their vacation

The stickers feature a diverse mix of imagery pertinent to the island and it's main features. Some of these elements include: island and ocean animals, surfing, and of course gambling and casinos! 

Gift shops throughout the island will have these stickers available, here are the locations of a few of the main I Love Saipan stores in Saipan:

Star Sands Plaza, Garapan
I Love Saipan at Hyatt, Garapan
I Love Saipan Managaha Gift Shop, Managaha Island
Local Food Market, Garapan
For a full list of shops visit the I Love Saipan website.

Saipan is an island of adventure!

Whether it's snorkeling, scuba diving, gambling or karaoke, this island has fun for everyone. Check out the I Love Saipan website to learn more about the island, and don't forget to purchase your favorite Dust City Wood Sticker!

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