Dust City Wood Stickers + Amanda Weedmark Designs Collaboration- Denver, Colorado



We are thrilled to announce our newest feature artist collaboration with Amanda Weedmark Designs & Illustration. Amanda is a graphic designer and digital illustrator living on the West Coast of British Columbia. That is where she grew up and received her formal education in art and design. Her work is heavily influenced by the environment that surrounds her, and a love for experiencing new things, and bringing back the things from her past that brought her joy. 

What inspired you to become a professional artist? As a kid, I always loved art and always seemed to have a new hobby on the go. I figured why not turn that into something I can make money from? So I pursued that direction throughout school and it's something I've never been able to walk away from, regardless of how challenging it was, and still is at times. 

What are your biggest creative influences? Design from the 50's, 60's, and 70's is such a fantastic source of inspiration for me. It was so eclectic, colorful, and unique in each of their respective era's It's amazing what was done with simple line work and color. To see something paired back to it's simplest form too is something I find incredibly satisfying to see. 

If your creative work were edible, what would it taste like? Your favorite homemade casserole on a cool and stormy night. A comforting, wholesome dish whose recipe has been passed down for generations. It's one that warms you from the inside out and one that's hearty enough to keep you going for the adventures ahead! 

Who is your favorite designer? Aaron Draplin is my designer of choice. If you are familiar with his work, it will be clear why :). I would love to spend an afternoon at a vintage flea market with him one day! 

What is your favorite art style? Mid century modern, pop art- anything that lends itself to playfulness, color, and a whimsical style. 

You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? A striped crayon composed of root beer brown, mustard yellow, and a hint of light aqua blue. A unique set of colors that you won't find in any ole box of crayons with the added efficiency of putting down multiple colors & lines in one stroke. 

What's your favorite 90's jam? Oh man, I love me some 90's music! If I had to pick one that I know I listened to A LOT, it was Vogue by Madonna. It's a song you could use only your arms to dance to and look pretty cool. 



Our Wood Stickers are a premium take on the classic. They are a natural product made from locally sourced, FSC certified, real cherry and maple wood veneer. Dust City Wood Stickers leave a lasting impression. Vinyl stickers and labels are not only toxic to produce but they also release toxins when they begin to break down. When a vinyl sticker that is outdoors breaks down it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic that will be around forever...let that sink in! Wood Stickers and labels are completely biodegradable, as the sticker starts to break down it decomposes and essentially becomes mulch. Even our packaging is eco friendly! Our hang tags are made from recycled paper and we use compostable cellulose bags to hold the wood stickers. 


Do you have a great idea for a design? Here at Dust City, we make a TON of custom designs for individuals and businesses. Do you have a creative use for a Wood Sticker? Let us know! We would love to see that idea come to fruition. 

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