Celebrating the Inventor of the Wood Sticker on National Inventor's Day

Josh glisan, The Inventor of the wood sticker

On February 11, 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Inventors' Day in the United States in recognition of the enormous contribution inventors make to the nation and the world. We use this day in History to honor and remember great inventors throughout history, as well as current ones. Today we are honoring our very own inventor, our CEO & Founder, Josh Glisan. Since 2014, Dust City Designs has been pioneering and perfecting the art of the Wood Sticker. Invented by our founder, Josh Glisan, Wood Stickers are an environmentally friendly & biodegradable alternative to the traditional sticker. Our Wood Stickers are the only sustainably sourced, biodegradable, flexible, and made in America Wood Stickers available on the market. With his background in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering, Josh had one goal in mind- he just wanted to build stuff and leave a sustainable foot print! 


As a Dive Master with over 100 dives under his belt and a volunteer for Sea Shepherd and The Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Ocean Conservation has been a continued passion for Josh and has reflected in his business practices

When we first started making Dust City Wood Stickers™ we knew that our number one goal was to use materials that were sustainably sourced. We went through a lot of veneer suppliers until we found one supplier who could ensure that the wood we were using would not harm the environment. We are serious about conservation and proud that every one of our stickers carries the Forest Stewardship Council label. To find out more about FSC, their mission and goals click on the link below: https://us.fsc.org/en-us/what-we-do/mission-and-vision

“When I started to produce Wood Stickers I made every attempt to make their environmental impact as little as possible. It was my goal from the beginning. It wasn’t until I started researching how vinyl stickers were made that I really began to understand the massive environmental impact that vinyl has on our ecosystem. Vinyl stickers are a massive contributor to the micro plastic tragedy that is plaguing our waterways. As a vinyl sticker starts to break down it creates these tiny plastic flakes that end up in every marine ecosystem. It’s an issue that no one has talked about and no one is currently willing to address, up until now. We’re here to create a sticker that is eco friendly in both it’s creation and its disposal.” Josh Glisan, CEO & Founder

Wood Stickers were a result of some of Josh's other woodworking projects. Before Wood Stickers existed, Josh was a leading tap handle manufacturer for many of the Colorado area breweries.  He didn't stop there though! Dust City also made large-scale art installations  for stages at music festivals. Our company's work for music festivals grew from the staff's attendance at a certain countercultural festival in Nevada, Burning Man. That's where the company's name actually originated from. For such festivals such as Sonic Bloom and Arise, Dust City has made big illuminated butterflies, 60-foot wooden signs, and other installations. 

We know that whatever Josh creates next will be none other than amazing and unique.  Make sure you keep an eye out as he paves the way for future innovations! 

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