Annie's Barn Expanding Wood Product Line to Include Wood Stickers-Kansas City, Missouri




We had the amazing opportunity to connect with the Kansas farm girl turned folksy feminist-Leanne Stowe- the brain and bronze behind the Kansas City brand, Annie's Barn!

"My grandparents had an old red barn that sat back on their property near a creek we played in as kids. It was always a special place to me. My grandparents called me Annie. I wanted a name that was about my roots but a place where all were welcome -- the Barn is that place." - Leanne Stowe, Founder & Owner 

Leanne began her career when she spent ten years in journalism working on newspapers and then left to go work in tech for a Fortune 500 corporation. After taking over the world, she worked to launch a tech startup before staying home with her true love- her kids. After totally owning the task of Field Day Director, PTA Mom and Coach to her daughter and son, her newest child, Annie's Barn, was born.

Annie's Barn was created in July 2012 as an online auction site after the passing of her Grandmother, who she deeply adored. It all began when Leanne started going to estate sales to buy items that her late Grandmother had. She eventually ended up with an entire garage full, which she then painted and refinished! This is when she decided to take her auctions to the next level. She went on to create a virtual auction on Facebook every Thursday night that people had to sign on to be a part of it. She grew such a following that the customers coined their own name for themselves- the "Barnstormers!" Soon the auctions began to grow old and her next calling was approaching: wooden signs! 

Once the addition of her wooden signs were up and running, she was featured in a story written by a Denver area woman that went out over the Associated Press. This was when she launched her Etsy account in 2013 to take orders for her thriving wooden sign business. During this time she also launched a Converse tennis shoe item called KickBadges, and then did round sign parties which lead to the launching of her wood coaster line last year. 

So what does the future hold for Annie's Barn? When asked if the brand would ever have it's own brick and mortar store, Leanne said that it has never been in the plans for Annie's Barn, and that would feel too much like "handcuffs." Leanne's brain works best not chained to anyone else's schedule. She loves coming up with ideas, testing them in her basement, and then launching on her own timeline and terms. Being a creative entrepreneur definitely suits Leanne Stowe, and we can't wait to see what she creates next for Annie's Barn

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